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Onecentral is a platform that secure your day-to-day payments. Giving you a seamless and authentic user experience.

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We believe payment should be stress-free, and our products are designed to achieve this goal by making it as seamless as possible.

Simpler, smarter, more rewarding transactions.

Transactions have never been more rewarding. With Onecentral, your transactions are settled instantly and you can withdraw at your convenience.

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Our goal is to provide utmost assistance in your day-to-day transactions for both your business and personal life.



Trade made easier by keeping track of your goods and payments.


Bills Payment

We secure your transactions and provide a simplified user experience.


Virtual Account

Open a free dynamic account and perform transactions, all in one place.


Accept payments from your customers using our mPOS or traditional terminals and get paid instantly.



Buy, sell and render services safely without the risk of chargebacks. We’ll help you secure payments.


Keep track of your sales with our provided e-invoice.


Your happiness is our priority.

Onecentral provides solutions to help you carry out financial services nationwide.

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Excellent service and obviously the most reliable one.

"After using Onecentral my business had a smooth pace! I am so pleased with this product. Onecentral is the best business resource we have EVER used."
Tolu O.
MD, Fountrands

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Our products are designed to make payment as seamless as possible. Start paying bills without hassle.

Onecentral is a platform that secures your day-to-day payments. Giving you a seamless and authentic user experience.



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